Top-5 earphones solutions

Progress goes fast and nowadays there is numerous amount of cordless headphones. Nevertheless many people are steel using simple earphones. The main problems with cord earphones are that they always try to fall out  from your ears and they tinkle all the time in bag or pocket.

So, how to make life with such stuff easier? And here is our overview of several accessories for cord earphones available on the market which supposed to help people.

1. EarPod attachments for active people

Earbud adapters for earpods. These tiny attachments use the curves in your ears to help you keep the earpods in place even when they are being pulled.


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Price: €6 ($7,35)

Where to buy:

2. JellyBand

JellyBand is an accessory which holds your earphones always on your neck and doesn’t let them  tangle in your pocket or bag. JellyBand is compatible with flat and round wires. This is a whole strap without additional components which helps to hold your earphones around your neck and reduces wobble that makes them fall out. It also. Ideal for sportloves.



Price: $5 (€4)

Where to buy:

3. Rasfox EarBuddy

Earbuddy is the ultimate cord management solution for your earphones. When you are not wearing earphones: Simply wrap your earphones over Earbuddy for a convenient cord management solution. With its slim, modern, and compact design, it fits easily in your pocket. When you are wearing earphones: Clip Earbuddy onto your t-shirt, shirt-pocket, bag strap, or anywhere you prefer.


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Price: $9.99 (€8.15)

Where to buy:

4. Fishbone Cord Wrap for Headset or Earphones

With this Fishbone Cord Wrap can help you organize your cord by shortening it; so you wouldn’t have it tangle up while you’re drive, gym or doing something. It is easy to use and small enough to carry around with the handsfree headset.


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Price:$11.99 (€9.83)

Where to buy:

5. X-Storage

The magic X-Storage can pack or take out the earphone cable within one second, it enables your headphone cable to be free of tangling and enjoy the fun of music anytime and anywhere


Price: $6.90 (€5.60)

Where to buy:

ABC Zoo 2
A new version of the popular iPhone app ABC Zoo is available.
There are three options in this application which will help your kid not only to learn ABC, but to fix it with the help of smart exercises.
More information:
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App for chirking up your friends or even for bantering over your chums. Shake up Burpman and poke into his stomach - you'll hear a perfect burp. The Burpman is ideal for fun or to make noises on your opponent. Make fun! How-it-works videoCollapse )

ABC Zoo - How it works

ABC zoo

ABC Zoo is a teaching and development application for your kids. Easy-to-use on a trip or whenever you are out with your children to amuse or keep them busy. A useful and funny app that lets your kid get used to reading. Your kids will learn alphabet while playing.

There are letters on the screen of your iPhone or iPod. When you tap one of them, you'll see that letter enlarged and a funny picture of an animal, whose name starts with this letter, shows up. When you tap the enlarged letter, you'll hear the pronunciation of this letter, e.g. "B". When you tap the animal, you'll hear the pronunciation of that animal's name, e.g. "Bear". You can sweep large letters without returning to the initial alphabet screen.


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